GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Compliance Service allows to implement all the requirements established by this Law. The process involves legal, technical and organizational changes.

Service description

The GDPR Compliance allows implementing all the requirements established by this Law. To meet this objective, this process is carried out:

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In order to be able to meet the GDPR objetives, the processes previously will be part of a general Compliance system, guaranteeing a solid framework for the management of privacy based on the international standard ISO 29151 relative to privacy in the treatment of personal data. To meet this objective, the process is carried out in different phases:

  1. GDPR Gap Analysis
  2. Registration and inventory of treatment activities
  3. Implementation of the legal obligations of the GDPR
  4. Establishment of data protection policy
  5. Establishing roles and responsibilities
  6. Training and employee awareness
  7. Analysis and risk management
  8. Impact on privacy
  9. Documentation of guidelines, procedures and instructions
  10. Establishment of a complaints, rights and complaints handling procedure
  11. Management of breaches and security breaches
  12. Executive oversight and government program
  13. Review and maintenance
  14. GDPR Audit
  15. Data Protection Officer (DPO): Áudea offers the possibility of hiring an external DPO, fully or partially outsourced

Why GDPR Compliance?

On May 25, 2016,the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force from May 28, 2018 on, it will be aplied in all the countries of the European Union. This transition period has the objective of enabling EU Member States, Institutions and also companies and organizations dealing with personal data to be prepared and adapted for the time when the Regulation is applicable.

The GDPR countdown has begun. From now to May 25, 2018, organizations have a great opportunity to change the way they approach privacy management, to analyze the risks they are exposed and establish an effective implementation program.

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