Online Reputation

Audea provides customers different action methods, they range from sending communications to the web with the published the content, in order to warn them of the possible offense may be committed and the possible legal measures to be taken not to remove this publication, to initiate arbitral or judicial procedures for the resolution of disputes arising.

Internet is a global medium, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The network has given us new tools to review, comment or discuss possibly generating erroneous data that other users can take as a reference.

This information is propagated and stored without limitations, creating a powerful and accessible to all public . It is important to know the risks of online security and take the necessary protective measures to avoid damaging the reputation of your company.


  • Knowing what happens in the network that can influence your company
  • Getting information about opinions of people of its directors , its brand , its employees or its products on the internet
  • Ability to assess and react to any negative impact that might affect the image of the company

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