Computer Forensics Expert´s Report & Evidences Gathering

This service consists of obtaining data from electronic devices that can be presented within a legal process as an evidence

Service description

This service entails a process divided into five phases: Identification, Preservation, Acquisition, Analysis and Presentation of Results. This work includes:

iconoRecovery of information that users have tried to delete, manipulate, destroy or is damaged for any reason. It is essential not altering the information during the recovery process.

iconoEnsure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information throughout the process.

iconoGuarantee of the chain of custody of electronic evidences.

Service description

iconoObtain evidences that can be presented within a legal process

Why hiring this service?

In today’s world, almost all crimes have a technological component, not just computer-related crimes per se. For example, the wrongdoer may use electronic devices to look for information to help him to commit his wrongdoing, to share information with others about it… All this information may incriminate him and it is likely that the wrongdoer or other person will try to destroy it.