DoS Test

The Denial of Service (DoS) Test consists of simulating (in an agreed and controlled manner) a Denial of Service Attack to check how the system would respond to it

Service description

To check the system protection against DoS Attack, the following techniques are applied:

iconoStress Test: applications, systems and network elements are tested.

iconoGeneration of a great flow of information


iconoCheck the number of requests that the system is able to attend

iconoCheck how the system would respond to a DoS / DDoS attack

iconoStrengthen security against DoS / DDoS attacks

Why making a DoS Test is important?

Denial of Service Attacks (DoS Attacks) or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS Attacks, a variant of the first one that occurs from several connection points through a botnet) are very common since they are relatively simple to carry out and the results can be huge.

To simulate a DoS/DDoS Attack, a large flow of information is generated to check if the system is able to respond or if, on the contrary, a Service Denial occurs (leaving legitimate users without access to certain services or resources).