Digital Surveillance

Digital Surveillance is a service that consists of tracking all the information published on the Internet about the client. Based on this, alerts are generated, reports are extracted and conclusions are drawn

Service description

Digital Surveillance is a service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main tasks it carries out are:

iconoInformation Tracking and Gathering

The information we track and gather comes from many different Internet corners; both conventional websites (web, forums, social networks, blogs, news …) and the Deep Web (information not indexed by search engines) are explored.

iconoInformation Analysis, assessment, categorization and filtering.

Based on this, alerts are generated and conclusions are obtained in order to reflected in a report.


iconoDeep Web

Credential Protection.

Be aware of theft of confidential information.

Detection of attacks or threats to your digital assets, sensitive information or databases.


Trademark protection against possible abuses and reputational damages, piracy, counterfeits, etc.

Detection of content published on social networks on brands or products, harmful opinions or conflicting users that can produce a crisis or put the business at risk.


Corporate Risk Protection. Based on the information published on the Internet, frequency and trends, you get Corporate or Business Intelligence, useful for meeting the competition, the market and knowing more about partners, customers and suppliers.

Surveillance and protection of executives, opinion leaders getting to know better their customers, competitors and their market.

Why Digital Surveillance is neccessary?

Internet offers great opportunities for communication and knowledge creation. However, just as many people use these tools legitimately, others use them to damage the image and reputation of other people or companies.

These malicious users can cause huge damages to your brand, so it is advisable to monitor everything that is said in the cyberspace before the damages are irreversible.