PCI-DSS Technical Audit

The PCI / DSS Technical Audit is the service through which all technical audits that the standard requires are performed; Accompaniment / Review to obtain PCI-DSS certification

Service description

The PCI-DSS Technical Audit service provides the customer with all the necessary support to obtain this certification.


iconoIntrusion test

iconoVulnerability scan

iconoWifi Analysis


iconoFacilitate payment methods for customers

Only in Spain there are 48.09 million credit cards (1.5 million more than people). Therefore, any company that sells products or services should implement this method of payment and it entails compliance with the PCI -DSS standard.

iconoIntrusion test Endenger consumer confidence

Complying with the PCI- DSS standard is mandatory, but it is also the best way to demonstrate to customers that their payment information is processed safely.

What is the PCI-DSS standard?

The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) guarantees that data of credit card holders are safe and protected against fraud through these means. All organizations handling data of credit card holders must be PCI-DSS certified.