Pentesting (Penetration Testing) consists of simulating (under controlled circumstances and previously agreed with the customer), an unauthorized access to the company IT systems, networks or applications

Service description

Pentesting is executed using different tools and techniques that allow checking system security against external intrusions. The best auditor is not the one who uses more tools, but who the one knows the most suitable(s) for each situation.


Although the pentester employs techniques similar to those of an attacker, their objectives are quite different:

iconoKnow the security level against external intrusions

iconoDetect faults, vulnerabilities and attack vectors for later correction.

iconoPrevent future external intrusions

iconoImprove Information Security and create a safer work environment.

Why hiring this service?

In Pentesting the auditor applies similar techniques to those a malicious attacker would use. Therefore, it is the best way to know the level of security and real protection against this type of attacks.