Security Architecture Analysis

Security Architecture Analysis consists of designing and implementing a system that keeps information secure

Service description

Security Architecture Analysis is a service that consists of different elements, phases and tasks:

iconoDefinition of a Network Map

iconoStrategic arrangement of cybersecurity elements


iconoGetting maximum security

Achieving an acceptable security level is never by chance.

iconoSecurity strategy requires a tailored solution

Beyond the specific hardware and software used, each company has its own Information Security requirements. For example, the same protocols can not be applied in a hospital and in a retail store.

Security Architecture Analysis

Whether you are going to implement a new IT System in your company or if you need to improve the security of an existing one, consult with our experts and they will guide you in all the necessary tasks; from the definition of a network map to the strategic layout of the different cybersecurity elements to shield the system against external attacks.

This service is closely linked to Security Operations Center (SOC).