Security Technical Consultancy

Security Technical Consultancy is a service whose aim is to help our clients to handle Information Security incidents

Service description

Security Technical Consultancy offers:

iconoSupport in solving security problems

iconoIncident Crisis Cabinet

Service description

Security Technical Consultancy offers:

iconoExpert advice at crucial times for the company

Information is the most important asset of your company. For this reason, when problems arise, it is not the time to explore various solutions based on trial and error, but to provide solutions.

iconoProvide expert advice

The world of computing is so vast that an individual can not fully embrace it. In the face of security incidents, surround yourself with cybersecurity experts.

Why hiring this service?

All companies are exposed to Information Security incidents. The severity of the matter can range from mild to very serious and the origin may be inside or outside the company. However, a common feature to all these incidents (or at least the vast majority) is that people responsible of affected IT systems do not know how to act or who to turn to.

Has a power outage in your offices caused the loss of certain information? Have you suffered an information theft? Have you been the target of a ransomware attack? Our professionals will offer you the best advice in these situations and, if necessary, create a Crisis Cabinet to study various solutions.