Vulnerabilities Alert

Through the Vulnerability Alert service, Áudea keeps customers updated about the latest security deficiencies detected in the operating systems, software and hardware pieces they use

Service description

Monthly report of vulnerabilities of the list of products each client uses:

iconoOperating System vulnerabilities

iconoSoftware vulnerabilities

iconoHardware vulnerabilities


iconoEarly vulnerabilities detection

The time runs against you against security deficiencies. Act quickly!

iconoBasis for security enhancements

The report delivered by Áudea should be used as a starting point to correct detected security deficiencies

iconoBe alert to 0-day vulnerabilities

If there is still no solution, at least the company can monitor if someone exploits that attack vector

Why hiring this service?

Every day new vulnerabilities are discovered in operating systems, software and hardware pieces that are employed both for personal and professional uses. Sometimes these security bugs do not have a solution yet (0-day vulnerabilities) and at other times the manufacturer has already released a patch.

In any case, it is necessary to have them identified in order to correct that defect or at least be alert since a security vulnerability is a vector of attack that a malicious attacker could use to damage our system.