Vulnerabilities Monitoring

Vulnerabilities Monitoring is a study of the external company network that allows knowing the exact situation and security level of IT systems


iconoDetect security flaws and possible attack vectors

iconoPrevent security incidents

iconoImprove the security level of IT systems

iconoProtect the most important asset of the company: information


iconoInformation gathering on systems, equipment and services 

iconoInformation gathering on vulnerabilities affecting scanned systems

iconoQuick elaboration of an action plan that solves the problems

iconoIt makes easier the work of analyzing and obtaining information to people with little experience


Vulnerability Analysis only makes sense if it is done on a regular basis. This is the only way to propose a plan of measures aimed at improving  Information Security, implementing it and, after a while, analyzing whether or not it has had an effect or not and detecting new threats.

As regards periodicity, Áudea offers these options: