FACT24FACT24 offers a reliable method to aid in the prevention, reporting and crisis management as well as the subsequent audit events, whether they are regional, national or international in scope.

For over 12 years, known companies around the world in various industries rely on FACT24 for the following reasons :

  • It is a web-based service and rapid implementation 
  • It operates independently of its infrastructure.
  • It is used in a fast and easy way .
  • Always maintain its capacity to act.
  • You can create alerts immediately and without compromise.
  • It is reliable and offers maximum availability.
  • Security and data service.
  • It is available worldwide.
  • It offers cost transparency.
  • More than 500 customers worldwide.

The main advantages and functions of FACT24 are:

Alert and Notification

Getting qualified confirmation in seconds.

  • Notification / Alert messages in parallel by voice, text or fax, or variables defined previously
  • Consideration of priorities, substitutes, number of people required for each group and working hours or free time
  • Confirmation and response message of the availability of people to which the alarm is sent , for example by introducing the necessary duration of the journey to the place of operation
  • Alarm execution reports for those responsible and detailed records for a later accurate analysis

Ad hoc conference calls

Inmediate communication without preparation or manual dialing.




  • Search and automatic call to people in all their phones.
  • Response message of the availability and access to the conference using the phone keyboard, without having to dial manually.
  • It allows moderation and management teleconference by FACT24 Internet portal and the telephonical keyboard .
  • Recording of the conference, reports and records for an accurate analysis.

Line information

Automated service to the public to protect own resources




  • Automated and parallel assitance of hundreds of incoming calls through prerecorded speech .
  • Possibility of adapting the message in a flexible way at all times .
  • Callers can request to be connected to the people responsible.
  • Protection of valuable human and technical resources.
  • Call statistics and reports for accurate analysis

Case Manager

It allows sharing structured information in time.




  • Continuous exchange of information , documents and files in real time.
  • Multidirectional communication between distributed teams .
  • Delegation of tasks to the responsible persons.
  • Integrating data from several alerts during a crisis.
  • Temporary storage of emergency chrono dated list of all activities.
  • Integration with social networks ( Twitter).


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