Protection of Critical Documents

SealPathSealpath is a cloud solution that protects your documents wherever they are and allows you to share them comfortably and safely

With the solution Sealpath have full control over document permissions in real time, even once shared.

SealPath protects your critical and confidential documents and allows you to keep them under control wherever they are :

  • Data protection : Your Secure and encrypted wherever they are corporate documents
  • Control of use : Decide who can access remotely and what permissions ( view, print , copy & paste , etc. )
  • Destroy them even if they are not already in your possession.
  • Audit and monitoring: real-time controls actions on your documents, blocked access, etc. The document follows your orders even if it is in another person’s computer: You can take action quickly to different events .

Sealpath offers the following advantages

  • Protection where the document is
  • It limits what you can do with your documents
  • Control who sees what and when to see it
  • Easy, without changing the way you work
  • SealPath not store your documents Microsoft AD- RMS technology particularized protection policy management
  • Native integration with MS- Office Works with the native applications
  • Editing and annotating PDFs, dynamic water marks
  • Automatic protection Folder File Servers
  • Risk Monitoring based on usage reports improvement
  • Administrator Tools Uncomplicated deployment both on-premise and Cloud mode It is ending partnerships .
1. Protect the source document by Microsoft AD- RMS technology. 2. Share it with any user via mail , dropbox , or in the cloud.
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3. Your recipients can open or edit with your usual tools , with ease. 4. Control what happened to the document, audit it and modify the permissions in real time.
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Supported platforms and formats

  • Document Protection : Windows XP | SP3 | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1
  • Consumption of protected documents : Mac | OSX | AppMac | iOS | Android | Windows Phone
  • Consumption of versions of Microsoft Office : 2003 | 2007 | 2010 | 2013 | 2011 ( Mac )
  • Other formats : Adobe | Foxit | XPS | Text | RTF | Images | Video | Audio | AutoCAD

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