Cybersecurity is a concept used to refer to any type of security that affects computer information systems .

The concept CYBER refers everything that happens in cyberspace, word representing the “artificial environment created by computer ” .
Summarizing , we can define the Cybersecurity as the set of tools, policies , security concepts , security safeguards , guidelines , methods of risk management, actions , training , best practices, assurance and technologies that can be used to protect assets of the organization and users in the cyber environment .

The assets of the organization and the users are the connected computing devices , users , services / applications, communication systems , multimedia communications , and all of the information transmitted and / or stored in the

The Cybersecurity ensures the achievement and maintenance of the security properties of the organization assets and users against security risks related to the cyber environment. Security properties include the following three dimensions : availability , Integrity, which may include authenticit and non-repudiation ; And confidentiality.

A large percentage of critical business systems of the Organizations , whether posted on the Internet , or used by personnel on a daily basis are affected by vulnerabilities and security issues which personnel is not aware of . Waiting for the materialization of existing cyber threats is not an option , since the loss or disclosure of critical business information could bring erious consequences for the organization.

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