We manage your privacy

Integration of privacy management is now considered an essential part of any business development, and our consultancy firm helps customers understand how privacy legislation applies to their organisations, offering a practical specific advisory service to secure and maintain regulatory compliance under the GDPR. We work with customers in all sectors, offering high-quality results-focused consultancy work during any phase to secure legal compliance pursuant to legislation.

Áudea guarantees your compliance and helps you comply with the legislation in force: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Personal Data and Digital Rights Law.

Consultancy for GDPR and the Personal Data and Digital Rights Law

We offer a professional consultancy service to help organisations comply with legislation in force concerning data protection.

Audits in connection with GDPR and the Personal Data and Digital Rights Law

Data protection audits to analyse and verify your company’s level of compliance, recommending any changes and improvements required to secure demonstrable compliance with GDPR requisites.

Maintenance for GDPR and the Personal Data and Digital Rights Law

To guarantee continuous compliance with data protection requirements, we offer follow-up support to guarantee detection, analysis and control of GDPR risks.


The Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) helps us analyse, identify and measure the privacy risks that a given information system, product, service or new business line can create concerning the basic data protection right, in order to lower risks and demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security Breaches

We offer management support with possible security breaches, assessing its level to assist with your communications to the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the parties concerned, and to propose practices to minimise the risk of data-related breaches.

Internal DPO support

We advise and support your Internal DPO with his/her functions.

DPO service

We provide a service whereby our consultants will act as independent data protection experts for your company, in line with the legislation stipulated in the GDPR.


We offer GDPR and DPO courses, and also have extensive resources to spread security awareness among your employees.